The Olympic Stadium is opening for the second time in its history 

The renewed Olympic Stadium reopened its doors to public in August 2020. The space for various activities has almost doubled with huge underground facilities. 

The Olympic Stadium is the biggest events venue in Finland. It is also the most favoured and famous venue for a myriad of events, whether in the field of sports, entertainment or tourism.

The history of our Olympic Stadium is unique and its future seems quite amazing, too. People have always flocked to the stadium due to its iconic status and they are bound to continue to do so. There is a very special atmosphere there. 

The Olympic Stadium has been totally revamped. On a guided tour in the refurbished premises you will follow the history of the stadium from the 1930's to current times. You will also be taken underground to see the brand new space and its facilities. A visit to the Stadium Tower is included in the tour price. All the guided tours start at the Visitor Centre.

Welcome to see the magnificent Olympic Stadium in all its glory - both past and present.


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