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Anton Emil
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POLSKI. Witajcie w Hesinkach! Jestem przewodnikiem, polonistą, doktorem teologii i autorem kilku książek. Chętnie oprowadzę turystów i pielgrzymów po Helsinkach i Finlandii, pieszo lub autobusem. ITALIANO. Buongiorno! Sono guida e teologo cattolico finlandese con il cuore romano e napoletano (va bene, amo anche Venezia, Padova, Assisi, tutta l'Italia!), turisti e pellegrini benvenuti! ESPAÑOL Bienvenidos a Helsinki, soy guía profesional y uno de los poco numerosos teólogos católicos finlandeses, hago tours turísticos y temáticos. Les doy la bienvenida a los españoles y latinoamericanos (els catalans també & os galegos tamen:) ENGLISH I am an enthusiastic, 35-year-old, authorized Helsinki guide, with professional experience and excellent reviews since 2015. I am especially comfortable doing private, thematic, or customized walking tours with small groups, but I can also handle bigger groups both on foot (with a microphone and loudspeaker), as well as by bus. I also do accessible tours for wheelchair users, tours using public transportation (e.g. from the cruise ship port, max 8 people), and stopover tours (pick-up from airport using train or bus). With my Finnish-Iraqi family background and my interest in history, languages, and cultures, I am an ideal guide for international and multicultural groups and visitors. My experience as a magician and juggler has taught me entertainment skills, which is why I am also glad to conduct tours for families with children. In terms of my academic education, I have a Doctorate in Theology, a Master's in Polish language and culture, and pedagogical competence, all from the University of Helsinki. Besides guiding, I am also a teacher and a non-fiction writer. My expertise in Theology makes me a uniquely competent guide to explore and explain the churches and religious curiosities of Helsinki and Finland. I am also happy to accompany groups to other towns (like Porvoo) or plan a pilgrimage or study program in different regions of Finland (for example, medieval Turku and Rauma, Ostrobothnia, Karelia, or Lapland). I can also show visitors around Vantaa, the airport city and my hometown, or Espoo, famous for the national park Nuuksio.
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